Explosive Power

Harness the energy of Praying Mantis Kung Fu with online training


Introduction to Tong Long

Your introduction to the Tong Long Kung Fu System by Sifu Adam Hansen of Blue Mantis Training Systems.


Sarm Bo Gin

The first form Sarm Bo Gin, trains ultimate power.


Swimming Dragon


Fit Fu

The Blue Mantis Fit Fu course is designed to raise your heart rate to 120 beats/minute to start the fat burning and toning systems in your body. All based on Tong Long techniques.


The Complete Tong Long White Belt Course

Learn the first complete level of the Tong Long system


The 5 elements of Tong Long

Learn how to harness the 5 elements in Tong Long, then see your first technique in the Tong Long system - Pok Sou.