• Increase Endurance

    Fit Fu can help you increase endurance your so you can continue to strike and move for longer during training or combat

  • Heart Rate Up

    Get your heart rate pumping and help blood flow through the body, Cardio is

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Introduction To Fit Fu
    • Fit Fu Join The BM Crew
    • Fit Fu Intro
  • 2
    Warm Ups
    • Warm Ups
  • 3
    Fit Fu Work Out
    • Fit Fu Work Out
    • Fit Fu Pok Sou
    • Fit Fu Gow Choi
    • Fit Fu Bill Sou
    • Fit Fu Knee
    • Fit Fu Front Kick
  • 4
    • Congratulations On Finishing Fit Fu

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